Reach The Beach
Reach The Beach is an annual fundraiser for the American Lung Association in Oregon.  In 2009 a total of 2,975 riders raised $380,000 for the cause!
There are four different route options available:  100, 80, 55, and 26 miles.  We rode the "century" (100 mile).  Our journey began at an elementary school in Beaverton, then the route took us through a wide variety of landscapes from rolling hills in wine country, through small towns, coastal forests, and finally to the surf and sand dunes of Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City.

Here we are in the picture to the right, all ready to go!  I hope you enjoy all of our pictures below.  You can click on each of them to see a larger version.
Awesome support from volunteers...  
Beautiful scenery along the route...
The Finish Line...    
One more thing... there were other "weird" vehicles (besides us)
Yes, 4 of those pictures above are unicycles!  they rode all 100 miles!

This was an amazing experience!  First of all I want to say how much we appreciated all the fantastic volunteers that made this event possible.  Rest stops are a welcome sight on a ride like this, and they were all very well staffed and equipped with everything you needed to be refreshed and get back on the road.  While on the road, there were guys on motorcycles cruising up and down the route looking for riders in distress.  When we had some mechanical problems, two of those "knights in shining armor" spent time with us helping to fix the problem and get us going.  Thanks again!  At the end of the ride, a nice dinner was waiting for us.  Fantastic organization!

As you can see from the pictures above, the scenery on this 100 mile route is beautiful and quite diverse.  The weather on ride day was perfect.  Most of the day it was in the mid 70's to mid 80's, comfortably warm but not oppressive.   The first third of the ride had more climbing than we were anticipating... our bike is comfortable but it doesn't climb well.  There was a steady stream of riders passing us going up the hills.  But on the other side, it was our turn to go flying past them.  We are quite fast on the downhill run!  My only real negative comment has to do with the condition of the pavement.  The last third of the route took us on some old sections of roadway that were in poor condition in places.  You had to keep a very sharp eye out to keep your tires from catching grooves and deep cracks in the asphalt.  But all in all, it was great! 

Overall, we were pleased with our performance.  We completed our first "century" for goodness sakes!  That's an amazing accomplishment for us! Both our average speed and riding time were better than we had anticipated.  It was a little discouraging at times seeing so many riders fly past us, until we realized that over 90 percent of them were younger than we are!!!  We have said many times that:  "Our bike is not a Ferrari, it's a Lincoln Towncar."  On a long drive, the Lincoln is a lot more comfortable.  The kind of riding we like best is just spending time together, enjoying the journey, and taking in the beauty of God's creation... and that's exactly what we did.  We definitely weren't the fastest, but we did finish, and had a great time in the process!!!      :)

(For more on our riding philosophy, check out the "Ferrari  vs. Towncar," and "Route 66" pages.)

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