Ferrari  vs.  Lincoln Towncar


What kind of ride are you looking for? 

A Ferrari can definitely be fun (I have ridden in one), but if I am going to ride for several hours enjoying the beautiful countryside, give me a Lincoln Towncar.  I will be honest, I used to scoff at people who drove those "big boats" until I drove one on a long freeway trip.  I was amazed at the comfort.  Around town it's a pain to maneuver and park, but once you get out on the road, you can't beat it.  The Ferrari is fun and fast, but it's not designed for rider comfort.  On a road trip, give me a Towncar!
In the biking world, there are also "Ferraris" and "Towncars."  The racing road bikes are the Ferraris.  Our tandem recumbent is most definitely a Towncar!  When we ride, we aren't interested in racing. Our bicycling goals are quite different.   We love to head out for a long scenic ride together.  That is where the tandem works out great for us.  We visit and enjoy each other's company along the whole ride!  For more on our riding philosophy, check out our Route 66 page.  Just like the automotive "Towncar," our bike is hard to maneuver at low speed and in tight conditions, but out on the road it is absolutely awesome.  For us, comfort is more important to us than speed.  Not that I think that recumbents are slow, the world bicycle speed records are held by recumbents!  (see our: Recumbent vs. Upright page)

Now I don't know about you, but when I look at the choice in seats in the picture to the right, it is not a hard decision.  If I am going to spend 5 or 6 hours on a bike seat, it's going to be the one on top!
A few years ago we rode our first really long organized ride, a "century" (100 mile ride) called Reach The Beach.  When we were at a rest stop at about mile 75 or so, another rider came walking over toward us.  Well, hobbling might be a more accurate description.  He was moving in slow motion like an old bow-legged cowboy.  He just stood there, staring at our bike.  Finally he said:  "Wow, that looks comfortable."  We just smiled really big and said:  "Yes, it sure is!"  After a few more moments of looking at our seats, he slowly made his way back over to his upright bike.  Ever so slowly, he lifted his leg and mounted his bike, and headed back out on the road.  All we could do was laugh!  We can't blame him, there is absolutely no way that we could (or would want to) ride that far on those tiny little upright bike seats!!

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