LIVESTRONG Challenge 2008 - Portland, Oregon
Lance Armstrong - Livestrong Challenge Thank You to all our supporters!  The total amount raised in the Portland ride was One Million Dollars to help fight cancer!
40 Degrees warmer than last year!

On June 29th 2008 we rode in our second LIVESTRONG Challenge ride in Portland, Oregon.  What a contrast to last year!  In 2007 it was a windy day in the 50's with nearly an inch of rain.  In fact it set a record for the coldest high temperature for that date in Portland.  This year it was in the 90's, close to the record high for the date and uncharacteristically humid!  As part of his remarks at the ceremony after the ride, Lance Armstrong commented about the weather extremes and said it would be nice if we could split the difference for next year's ride.

This ride was again special for us since just three years earlier Michelle was undergoing chemotherapy treatments following her cancer surgery.   (You can read her story on our Cancer Survivor page.)


We have a lot more pictures to share this year!  Last time I couldn't keep the rain off the camera lens.  I had made a rain cover for the camera, but with the rain and wind, it wasn't enough to keep it dry (last year's pics here).  Hopefully the pictures below will give you a glimpse of the awesome experience we had again this year, riding with Lance in the LIVESTRONG Challenge! 

For info on the camera setup we used to take most of these pictures check our Camera Equipment page.)
getting excited before the ride in the staging area moving into position
lined up and ready to go looking at the start (under the bridge) Lance Armstrong addresses the riders
on the move! here we go across the starting line  waving at friends Larry & Rosie
out on the street  police along the route blocking traffic crossing Tualatin Valley Highway
looking over our shoulders   what a great ride
traffic jam at first rest stop   pretty ride
out on the country roads   gorgeous views!
  second well equipped rest stop  
    having a fun day
  greeting well-wishers in passing cars last stop
heading along West Union very few cars  
  Lance & co. flying by with police escort   
nearing the Nike Campus end in sight entrance to the Campus
Yeah, we did it! special finish line for cancer survivors  awarding roses to the survivors
Michelle with her yellow rose  others finishing the ride  visiting with other riders at the finish
awards and thanks  Lance shares with riders & volunteers   

A great experience again this year!  The weather was terrific! A bit warm, but after last year's cold temperatures and rain and wind, the heat felt good. We were reminded over and over again to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Fortunately we finished early enough after 40 miles to beat the worst of the heat. The Post-Event Party was held outside this year on the beautiful Nike campus, and for most of the country the temperatures probably felt like a normal summer day. However, for the Pacific Northwest it was pretty warm! Lance Armstrong suggested that next year we try for a happy medium in the temperature department.

Our unusual bicycle was once again a catalyst for conversation. From the photographers to the seriously interested to the just plain curious, we garnered much attention. As we rode slowly up and quickly down hills, many riders were alternately amused and confounded by our choice of ride. The common question, "Aren't those things slow going up hills?" was soundly answered when riders of upright bikes gained no ground going up the longest hill. Even when stronger riders passed us going up, we frequently passed them back going down. What fun!

With more than 3000 walkers, runners, and cyclists the Portland LIVESTRONG Challenge raised over $1 million dollars! Put that together with over 650 volunteers and all those who supported LIVESTRONG with financial donations and you have a huge impact. We continued to learn more about this awesome organization through the staff and volunteers as we talked to them during Saturday's registration and Sunday's Post-Event Party. A theme this year was "Pick a Fight" and we met people who were in their own personal fight against cancer, as well as those who were fighting for others. Everyone was working together to promote an awareness of, and to put an end to, this deadly disease.  Lance Armstrong,  in his speech after the race, said that he hopes to be able to retire from this job some day because cancer has been eliminated. He was very appreciative of everyone's efforts to make this year's Challenge a success. 

There is such a joining of hearts and purpose in the LIVESTRONG Challenge. It seems as if everyone is working together with such purpose. We all want to save lives, and for the nearly 12 million Americans living with cancer, to make their lives better. LIVESTRONG stands for: Unity is Strength, Knowledge is Power, and Attitude is Everything. The Challenge helps pull it all together.
The cards below were pinned on our bike for the ride.  They identify Michelle as a cancer survivor,
and honor the special people listed by our financial supporters when they made their gifts.
LIVESTRONG  website  here

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