JaVaLaVa - OHPV Ride through Vancouver, WA
Oregon Human Powered Vehicles is dedicated to riding, racing, and building all types of alternative bicycles, tricycles, and human-powered craft.  Periodically a group gathers for a ride.  This trip is called "JaVaLaVa" (because of the coffee stops).  We began at Peet's Coffee on 164th & Mill Plain, went through Downtown Vancouver, and past Vancouver Lake.


Gathering at Peet's Coffee  head 'em up...   move 'em out  down 162nd 
up McGillivray  making sure we still have everyone  screaming downhill on Blanford 
Columbia House Blvd.  under Hwy 14 and the railroad tracks  along Columbia Way 
posing for pictures, then under the tracks  up the hill and over Hwy 14 on the new pedestrian crossing... really nice!
down by Fort Vancouver  nice new trail  beautiful view of the Fort 
  up the hill on McLoughlin Rd. wonderful old buildings 
into Downtown Vancouver  coffee break at Java House  relaxing for a few minutes 
back on the road  heading west on Fourth Plain  out on Lower River Road 
  nice bike path  Mount St. Helens in the distance 
visiting while we ride    taking a break 
relaxing and visiting at the beautiful facilities at Frenchmen's Bar along the Columbia River 
heading back  Old Lower River Road  Lower River Road 
  back into the Fort Vancouver area  Evergreen Blvd.
some of the beautifully restored buildings along Evergreen Blvd.   heading back to where we began... 

This was a beautiful ride with a great bunch of people!  The route took us some places we hadn't ridden before.  We're always looking for new places to ride just to keep things more interesting.  One fun thing for us, given the bike we ride, we are used to having people stare at us.  On this ride we weren't the only "weird" bike.  There were lots of strange looks, but not all directed at us!

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