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After more than a decade of riding and sharing our experiences, we have faced the end of an era and have reluctantly sold our tandem recumbent bike.

We'll keep this website up for a while as a resource.  Feel free to look around, there is really quite a bit here to see.  I hope what we share is an encouragement to you and your journeys.


Our tandem recumbent bike was an unusual sight riding in "Reach the Beach"
Our "Rans Screamer" tandem recumbent on a beautiful ride in the Columbia River Gorge
The only tandem recumbent in the Lance Armstrong -  Livestrong Challenge in Portland, OR


Before our first test ride on our "Rans Screamer" neither of us had ever ridden a tandem bicycle, of any kind.  Jeff had only limited experience on a recumbent bike, and Michelle had never ridden a recumbent at all.  After just one test ride, we were hooked.  There was no question that we had found the tandem we were looking for!  In our first year, we put 2,000 miles on our Screamer! 


Every time we rode, people would stop us to ask questions about our unusual tandem bicycle.  That was the original reason for creating this website, to answer all those questions and share our experience.  Our simple idea of a place to answer questions about our tandem recumbent bike grew into much more.  Through this website, we shared all about tandems and recumbents with people everywhere.  It was exciting for us to receive emails from all over the United States and other countries as well.  We have always tried to make this website the best bike riding resource that we possibly could!


The reality is that we have reached a point in our lives where time has caught up with us a bit, and we are unable to ride the way we used to.  There was a time in our mid 50's that we worked our way up to the place where a 60 mile ride was pretty normal.  As you can see on the pages of this website, we also rode a century ride, and did some touring. As we look toward the future, we still want to be active but for us that will take the form of taking our new foldable bikes along with us in an RV as we travel.



Jeff & Michelle

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