Covered Bridge Bicycle Tour
This is a great annual ride hosted by the Mid-Valley Bicycle Club.  They offer 4 different ride lengths.  The 85 mile route (shown to the left) is the minimum to hit all 5 of the covered bridges (green dots).  The ride begins and ends at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Albany, Oregon and the routes take you through some beautiful countryside scenery.   Well stocked rest stops are placed along the route and a nice lunch is also provided.  There was also a very nice sign waiting at the finish that said:  "Root Beer Floats."
Beautiful scenery along the route...
Gilkey Bridge    
Hannah Bridge    
Shimanek Bridge    
Larwood Bridge    
Hoffman Bridge    
Other "out of the ordinary" bikes

This was a lot of fun!  We had never seen these old covered bridges before, and seeing them by bike was a great way to do it.  Though the hills would have been lots easier in a car!  There was a bit more hill climbing than we were expecting, but we managed.  In between the bridges, the rural countryside was also quite beautiful.  We couldn't have asked for better weather, comfortable but not overly hot.  Also I want to thank the Mid-Valley Bicycle Club for putting on a great ride.  All the folks at all the stops were wonderful.  The selection for lunch and the provisions at the rest stops were very nice, and we can't forget to mention how nice that root beer float tasted at the end.

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