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Our tandem recumbent bike was an unusual sight riding in "Reach the Beach"
Our "Rans Screamer" tandem recumbent on a beautiful ride in the Columbia River Gorge
The only tandem recumbent in the Lance Armstrong -  Livestrong Challenge in Portland, OR


Before our first test ride on our "Rans Screamer" neither of us had ever ridden a tandem bicycle, of any kind.  Jeff had only limited experience on a recumbent bike, and Michelle had never ridden a recumbent at all.  After just one test ride, we were hooked.  There was no question that we had found the tandem we were looking for!  In our first year, we put 2,000 miles on our Screamer! 


Every time we ride, people stop us to ask questions about our unusual tandem bicycle.  That was the original reason for creating this web site, to answer all those questions and share our experience.  Our simple idea of a place to answer questions about our tandem recumbent bike has grown into much more.  Through this web site, we are now sharing all about tandems and recumbents with people everywhere.  It is exciting for us to be receiving emails from all over the United States and other countries as well.  We are hearing from tandem & recumbent riders, future riders, as well as other Rans Screamer owners.  We will be continually striving to make this web site the best bike riding resource that we possibly can!


Enjoy your visit, and feel free to drop us a line! 


Jeff & Michelle

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Taking our vacation by bike...
We have ventured into the wonderful world of "touring."  More specifically, "unsupported touring."   That's where you load all your gear on your bike and head out for a multi-day trip. 

We did a ton of research before we began, since this was all totally new for us!  We share the best of the wisdom we found regarding how to get started touring on our Touring Tips page.  We also worked for several months gathering all the equipment that we would need.  We share those choices on our Touring Equipment page.  Our first overnight camping trip was a 100 mile round trip to a State Park.  A few months later, we took off for a week long trip to the Oregon Coast... what a blast!  There is something really exciting about pulling into a campground on your fully loaded bike and setting up camp!  We have some of our touring pictures here
Some of our favorite organized rides...
This was our first century (100 mile ride)!  The route began in Beaverton, Oregon and ended in Pacific City on the Oregon Coast.  We were the only tandem recumbent bike in the event, and got lots of interesting comments from other riders.

Pictures on our
Reach the Beach page
This event is held each June.  This 40 mile ride is on the eastern part of the old Historic Columbia River Highway, between The Dalles and Hood River.  It has some of the most beautiful scenery in the Northwest!  We've ridden it a couple of times.

Pictures on the Gorge Ride page
In August, there is the "Covered Bridge Bicycle Tour."  Our 80 miles took us through some beautiful countryside and over 5 of the old historic covered bridges in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, east of the city of Albany.

Pictures on the Covered Bridge page
Click HERE to see a video taken of us in the summer 2009 by The Oregonian Newspaper in Portland, Oregon
(NOTE:  The video was in relationship to LIVESTRONG and our thoughts about Lance Armstrong at that time in 2009.  Sadly, the story about Lance has changed because of his admission that he used performance enhancing drugs.  It doesn't however change all the great things done by the LIVESTRONG organization, except perhaps giving it a real "black eye.")

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